The #BEACTIVE DAY campaign is heating up across Europe


On 7 July and 9 July, two more #BEACTIVE DAY  National Stakeholder Seminars were held in Slovenia and Bulgaria. The two events, which gathered participants involved in the fitness and physical activity sector, were coordinated by EuropeActive’s national association partners in the respective countries, namely Section for Fitness, Recreation and Regeneration and the Bulgarian Association of Health and Fitness.

The primary purpose of these gatherings was to foster collaboration at the national level, but also to introduce the #BEACTIVE DAY  concept to local stakeholders. In addition, the meetings were launching preparations for the #BEACTIVE DAY events, which will take place around 23 September, during the European Week of Sport. Stakeholders from the public and private sectors had the opportunity to get familiar with the campaign’s goals, marketing strategy, thebenefits for the community and their business, and its importance for the sector’s development. During the discussions, participants exchanged innovative ideas and best practices to attract the general public and promote their business among new customers across regions.

The campaign is building strong momentum towards September 2022, when all the events that are part of the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign will take place in all the partner countries and across Europe on the same day, making it the most active day of the year.

#BEACTIVE DAY is an initiative from the fitness and physical activity sector, which primarily aims to draw attention to the importance of regular physical activity for people’s physical, mental and social well-being. The 2022 edition will consist of free events and activities, organised in different locations across Europe, such as health and fitness clubs, workplaces, or outdoor facilities. The European Commission selected the #BEACTIVE DAY project for funding under the Erasmus+ Programme.

The #BEACTIVE DAY campaign is sponsored by FIBO Global Fitness and supported by EuropeActive’s President’s Council for Suppliers & Digital.