#BEACTIVE DAY 2022 project kicks off in Ljubljana!


EuropeActive is thrilled to announce its #BEACTIVE DAY 2022 proposal has been selected for funding under the new Erasmus+ 2021-27 Programme.

The Action will be implemented throughout 2022 with its 7 partnering National Fitness Associations: NGO Energija (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Bulgarian Association of Health and Fitness, ANIF-Eurowellness (Italy), Slovenian Association for Fitness, Recreation and Regeneration, Ceska Komora Fitness (Czech Republic), NL Actief (Netherlands), and UAactive (Ukraine).

The Action aims to build capacity around, and further grow, the European Week of Sport through the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign. The latter is a direct continuation, and further development of the National Fitness Day for Europe project and campaign, as it is articulated around the same premise- to celebrate and promote the fun and importance of physical activity for people’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Partner countries will implement the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign through various free events and activities, hence growing the physical activity and fitness sector’s ever-growing contribution to Health-Enhancing Physical Activity and to EWoS.

Partners met in Ljubljana for a 2-day workshop which reviewed the objectives, timeline, key deliverables and events the project is to deliver over the next year, including the campaign’s build up and further promotion. Main events to look forward to include the 7 National Stakeholder Seminars each National Association will hold in their countries to officially launch the campaign with their partners, the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign events and activities, and the final campaign conference that is foreseen to take place in Brussels late November 2022.

The workshop was also the opportunity for partners to reflect and discuss this year’s campaign focus, which seeks to include more women and girls in physical activity, in sight of making physical activity more accessible and inclusive for all.

Further details about the project and its activities will be available on the project webpage, soon to be published!